I.A.C Presentation ( I.A.C/ C.F.P.N.C Group)

    • The I.A.C. / C.F.P.N.C group, is currently the largest private training group in the aeronautical field:
    • Three I.A.C centers in Tunisia: Tunis, Sousse and Sfax only specialized in the training of air hostesses and stewards (Cabin Crew).
    • Eight C.F.P.N.C centers in Morocco, a center in Senegal and a center in the Ivory Coast.
    • The ” CFPNT ” center specialized in the training of pilots, ground handling agents and maintenance agents is based at the ” Ben Slimane ” airport in Morocco.

    Our training prepares you for the recruitment of all airline companies

    The training in Tunisia includes two important components.

    • The training regulated by the International Organization of Civil Aviation (O.A.C.I.) whose core curriculum is imposed on all countries and all the airline companies.

    This training is provided in view of obtaining the Safety and Rescue Certificate (CSS), issued by the Ministry of Transport and the DGCA. This diploma is required by several Tunisian and Foreign Airline companies.

    • The curriculum of general training preparing for recruitments of all airline companies varies depending on the choice and the level of the student.