THE PNC: cabin crew : it is the Air Hostesses and Stewards

Put under the authority of the captain and the purser, the air hostesses and stewards are responsible for the safety of the passengers and the aircraft.

Thanks to their training they must:

  • Apply the necessary instructions for the safety of the aircraft and the passengers.
  • Be able to provide first aid and care to passengers who need it.

They also have the charge of:

  • welcoming and informing the passengers
  • Ensuring their comfort and well-being
  • Ensuring the catering service and the on-board sales

The benefits of the PNC job: traveling in exercising his job

Besides the great opportunities on the job market, the job of an air hostess and steward has very attractive features:

  • Travelling and discovery of the world
  • Team work
  • Multicultural Contacts
  • Cultural Enrichment
  • Motivating salary